Nissan Leaf Review


I have owned a Nissan Leaf for eighteen months. I love driving the car. It is exceedingly quiet, smooth and comfortable. While you would expect a "Review" to cover aspects of the car such as accelaration, appointments, sound system, handling etc., this review focuses on the Nissan Leaf's ability to get you down the road for a long period of time. Without the ability to "get you down the road" nothing else matters.

A major problem someone will face when purchasing or leasing an electric car is their inclination to view the electric car in a similar light as its' gasoline counterpart. We know they are driven by different powertrains and know that we must charge the electric car frequently, but otherwise we assume they will deliver a similar ownership experience. I have learned a different way of viewing an electric vehicle. I have learned some of the pitfalls of electric car ownership that I did not understand at the time of purchase. I have learned the questions that I would have liked to have had answered prior to buying my car.

With some electric cars the climate where you live will have an impact on your ownership experience. For the most part this is not the case with a gasoline car. The Nissan Leaf is affected by different climates in different ways. For that reason I must tell you that I live in a warm climate. The average summertime highs are 92 deg F and the annual average temperature is 75 deg F. While the average summertime highs are lower than cities far to my north the average summertime lows are much higher where I live. Additionally I do a lot of driving. I was driving my Nissan Leaf approximately 1500 miles per month.

My goal in giving this information is for you to have the mindset and the questions you need answered when you go to buy or lease the Nissan Leaf.

Much of the information that I am relaying to you is how I view electric car ownership. Some of the information is based on my personal experience. I do make a few statements about the Nissan Leaf that come from observations, questions asked of Nissan representatives or readings on the Internet. Where possible I will provide links to my source. I strongly encourage you to corroborate my statements. What is true for me, you may view differently after doing your own research. My goal is to arm you with a complete set of questions to have answered before buying or leasing a Nissan Leaf.